Faculty Collaboration Committee – University of Copenhagen

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Faculty collaboration committee

Management representatives

Dean Troels Østergaard Sørensen (chairman)
E-mail: dekan@samf.ku.dk

Faculty Director Tina Franck
E-mail: tfr@samf.ku.dk

Head of Department of Sociology Janus Hansen
E-mail: jh@soc.ku.dk

Head of Department of Political Science Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen
E-mail: institutleder@ifs.ku.dk

Head of Department of Anthropology Helle Samuelsen
E-mail: h.samuelsen@anthro.ku.dk

Head of Department of Psychology Søren Kyllingsbæk
E-mail: institutleder@psy.ku.dk

Head of Department of Economics Christian Schultz
E-mail: christian.schultz@econ.ku.dk

Staff representatives

Administrative officer Vicki Antosz
Department of Anthropology
E-mail: va@samf.ku.dk

IT-administrator Ole Bested
Centre for Social Science Computing
E-mail: ole.bested@psy.ku.dk

Associate professor Hilda Rømer Christensen
Department of Sociology
E-mail: hrc@soc.ku.dk

Professor mso Henrik Jensen
Department of Political Science
E-mail: hje@ifs.ku.dk

Systems programmer Hans Jakob Kirk
Centre for Social Science Computing
E-mail: hansjakob@samf-it.ku.dk

Head of Section Hanne Kraak
Department of Political Science
E-mail: hmk@ifs.ku.dk

Associate professor Susanne Lunn
Department of Psychology
E-mail: susanne.lunn@psy.ku.dk

Financial officer Jan Majfred
Department of Psychology
E-mail: Jan.majfred@psy.ku.dk

Associate professor Anders Milhøj (vice-chairman)
Department of Economics
E-mail: Anders.Milhoj@econ.ku.dk

Information specialist Annette Vester
Faculty Library
E-mail: annette.vester@psy.ku.dk

From the administration

Head of Section Corinn Sandhoff Pedersen (secretary)
HR South and City Campuses
Phone: +45 35 32 39 75
E-mail: cspe@samf.ku.dk