UCPH Map – digital map of Centre for Health and Society

The UCPH Map allows students, employees and guests at the Centre for Health and Society to get a digital overview of the campus area on their computer or smartphone.

Overview and campus guide

UCPH Map provides both an overview map of the campus area, and a digital guide that will help you find a specific teaching room, the nearest study space or for example the location of the student advisory services and the Project and Career Advisory Service. All you need to do is enter the room number or the room category in the search box and the app will show you rooms, facilities, or guide you to the chosen destination.

Open the map in a new window

From Nørrebros Runddel to room 02-0-12

UCPH Map can not only show the route from A to B on campus. It can also show you routes from an external location to a location on campus, because the map is synchronised with Google Maps and ‘Rejseplanen’. You just enter your place of departure, your end destination and time of arrival, and you choose if you wish to have the route shown for bicycles, or for going on foot, by bus or by train.

Who is behind UCPH Map?

UCPH Map was developed by Campus Service in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences, the press and media service, and University IT, as well as the subcontractor MapsPeople.

Download UCPH Map for web or as an app from AppStore or Google Play.

Where to find study spaces on campus?

The 2013 survey of the students’ view on their study environment showed, among other things, that the students lacked an overview of their campus area, and that they would like more information about available study spaces.

The UCPH Maps search function allows you to search for 'læsepladser' (study spaces) or 'grupperum' (group rooms) as categories, and the location of these facilities will be shown with icons.

Better use of the study areas

The survey referred to above indicated that many students found there are too few available study spaces, but at the same time they did not know the number and the location of the study spaces on their campus.

UCPH Map allows you to find the campus study spaces, group rooms, IT work spaces and study spaces for students working on their thesis. This could help promote better use of the existing study spaces and campus areas.

Find your way to and around Campus

UCPH Campus Map allows you to find your way not just from point A to point B on campus. It can also show you a route from a location outside campus to a room on campus. The app is connected to ‘Rejseplanen’ and Google Maps – and therefore it is possible to have a route shown to you along with the estimated travel time by bus, by car, by bicycle or on foot (just as you know it from ‘Rejseplanen’).

Rooms, functions and facilities

When you search for a specific room, an info box about the room will appear showing you the number of seats, equipment and, if relevant, with a link to a website. Safety equipment such as defibrillators and fire extinguishers are also equipment that can be searched for, and that will be indicated on the map. The equipment will be shown with icons and exact location.

For physically impaired persons it is possible to search for routes to a specific room which do not involve stairs, and to find restrooms for disabled persons.

UCPH Map will be integrated into myUCPH

In 2015 UCPH Map was integrated into myUCPH – the app for students which includes personal schedule, messages from teachers and from the Absalon system. Thus it is the plan to make UCPH Map one of many features that students will have in their personal UCPH app.

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