Corona-info - Social Sciences

Hand sanitising. Photo: Sara Galbiati

The Faculty of Social Sciences has two strategic objectives for our work during the corona crisis:

  • We wish to show public spirit by doing what we can to keep infection rates low. We do this by acting responsibly and observing the Government’s and health authorities’ guidelines. Because we are here not just to research society and to learn about society; we must also take responsibility for society. SAMF represents more than 7,000 individuals – and our behaviour does affect the spread of corona virus in Copenhagen.

  • We wish to continue to offer high-quality teaching at SAMF under the conditions created by the corona crisis. We therefore choose to try to get the best out of the circumstances by developing social science didactics for the purpose of improving the conditions for learning at SAMF, both during these extraordinary times and in the long term. Because a main part of a university degree is meeting on knowledge, it is our ambition to conduct as much teaching and as many study-related activities as possible – as safely as possible – on campus. We constantly learn how to improve the framework for teaching and to provide more stimulating content and an engaging study environment under corona conditions. Even though it is our ambition to maintain and raise the quality of our teaching, we must accept that due to COVID-19 we cannot expect to be able to offer the same teaching and the same study environment as we can during normal circumstances.