Corona-info - Social Sciences

Good advice

The Faculty can no longer use the to register students and lecturers infected with Corona or to act on infection reports.

If you have caught a corona infection, it is very important that:

  • you warn your close contacts/fellow students as soon as possible, advising them to PCR-test at least once or twice and to be aware of symptoms
  • you are familiar with the official guidelines: Test, symptoms of COVID-19, and close contact – The Danish health authority
  • you are able to get good advice on how to trace your close contacts by contacting the Danish Agency for Patient Safety (infection tracking, tel. 32 32 05 11)
  • you give the person at the infection tracking line ("Smitteopsporing") the following information on whom to contact at the Faculty of Social Sciences in relation to any potential infection chains:

Contact person: Trine Klitgaard Bro – Phone: 2118 0784 (a text message is preferred) – Email address: