Open University

What is Open University?

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers you the opportunity to study single subjects that suit your needs and, thus, upgrade your qualifications or expand your knowledge. Open University exams are completely voluntary.

You can sit single subjects that forms part of a degree programme or defined parts of a degree programme; however, it is impossible to complete an entire bachelor or 2-year master's degree programme via Open University. Likewise, it is not possible to write a master's thesis when you are enrolled as an Open University student. You may study the following maximum amount of ECTS credits as an Open University student:

  • 90 ECTS credits on a bachelor degree programme
  • 60 ECTS credits on a 2-year master's degree programme

Please notice that many of the departments' Open University courses are offered according to a vacant seats scheme. According to this scheme, Open University students will solely be offered a seat in a course, if there is a vacant seat left once a department's own students have been allocated seats. Not until right before the course start date will Open University students be informed whether they have been admitted to a course. To find out if a course is offered in accordance with the vacant seats scheme, please see the individual course descriptions.

Furthermore, the Faculty offers custom-made courses that are planned specifically for people who are not enrolled at a university. These courses are conducted as evening school. 

It goes for all Open University courses that you must meet the entrance requirements in order to be admitted, and that you must pay to sit the courses. 

Open University courses are offered pursuant to the rules of the Danish Ministerial Order No. 1188 of 7 December 2009 on Part-Time Education at Universities.

NOTICE: If you are studying for a full-time degree at university-level, you are unable to sit Open University courses that form part of the curriculum of your full-time degree programme.

Open University at...

The departments of Anthropology, Politcal Science, Psychology and Sociology do not offer English-taught subjects under Open University.

Tuition fee

Below is a table of guiding prices for enrolling in Open University courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Please note that the prices indicated below do not apply in connection with one-year master's programmes and courses that are planned specifically for one purpose or another.

EU/EEA citizens

Guiding prices as per 1 January 2013

1 ECTS DKK 350 ≈ EUR 47
5 ECTS DKK 1750 ≈ EUR 235
7.5 ECTS DKK 2625 ≈ EUR 353
10 ECTS DKK 3500 ≈ EUR 470

For additional information about the final price, please contact the department that offers the course in question.

Citizens from non-EU or non-EEA countries

Citizens from non-EU and non-EEA countries, who have not been granted one of the below types of residence permit are required to pay tuition fee for short-term, non-degree studies at the University of Copenhagen (see a list of EU/EEA countries to the right).
The fee is calculated on the basis of the Faculty's tuition fee for one academic year, which is EUR 10,000 for 60 ECTS. This equals a price of app. EUR 170 per ECTS.


Course worth 5 ECTS: 5 X 170 = EUR 850

NOTE: You may be allowed to pay the fee of EU/EEA citizens, if you have one of the following two residence permits in Denmark:

  • Permanent residence permit
  • Temporary residence permit with the possibility of achieving a permanent residence permit

Do I need a residence permit?

If you are not a Danish citizen, you may need a residence permit in order to be able to study at the University of Copenhagen. For information about residence permits, please follow this link...