Career counselling

Have you thought about your life after your studies? Which career opportunities seem most attractive to you? Are you planning to stay in Denmark after your studies, or do you want to go back to your home country? 

Try to specify your interests and competences

You may not have any concrete career plans and you may think that it is impossible to get an overview of the possibilities that you have. A good way to start thinking about your career after graduation is to try to specify:

  • which types of tasks do you enjoy?
  • what do you do really well?
  • which competences do you have besides your academic ones?
  • is there a specific sector that you find very interesting?
  • do you like working alone or in groups?
  • do you know somebody who has a really interesting job - and if so, what does he/she do?
  • etc., etc...

Asking yourself questions like that - and answering them - is a way to get to know yourself better, to find out what motivates you, and to be able to explain more precisely what you can offer an employer.

Employer contact

As an international student studying at The Faculty of Social Sciences you should consider very careful whether a student job during your studies is a good idea. Many international students are here on specific terms, and it is essential for them to pass all their exams within the given period of time. These students have to concentrate on their studies full-time in order to make the required progress. And for some students, working while they are in Denmark is not an option. Read more about rules and regulations for international students.

Internships, jobs and project proposals

In Copenhagen there are many opportunities to gain practical experience. One way is to cooperate with a company in connection with your master thesis or another project. You can ask your professors for advice and good connections. You can find project proposals, internships and jobs on the University of Copenhagen jobs.

A summer job is another - and better - option for most international students. It does not coincide with your studies, but it still gives you valuable experiences that you can add to your CV. Furthermore, it is a way to expand your network, giving you important employer contacts. Working for a company or an organisation gives you an impression of how things work in an organisation and which skills and knowledge employers are looking for.

Questions about your career?

If you have questions concerning your career, you are welcome to contact the Student Services at