External relations

The Faculty of Social Sciences constantly aims at increasing the contact with the business community and the public institutions.
This has been emphasised in the Faculty Strategic Goals for the coming years:

... One objective will be to increase the national and international impact of our research and our degree programmes within and outside academia. Many activities contributing to impact must be carried out at department level, but selected initiatives must as well be pursued jointly at Faculty level, via collaboration between departments, or together with other units.

Another objective is to strengthen joint relations within education, research and administration between the Faculty/departments and external partners. There is a lot of very effective collaboration between individual researchers at the Faculty and researchers, practitioners and organisations from outside the Faculty. It is important that the conditions for optimising such joint collaboration are in place, and in some areas there is a need for more robust and institutional collaboration to be set up between relevant stakeholders and the Faculty/departments - both nationally and internationally ...

Exctract of  Faculty Strategic Goals for 2018/19-2022