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External relations

External relations

The Faculty of Social Sciences constantly aims at increasing the contact with the business community and the public institutions.
This has been emphasised in the Faculty Strategic Goals for the coming years:

... One objective will be to increase the national and international impact of our research and our degree programmes within and outside academia. Many activities contributing to impact must be carried out at department level, but selected initiatives must as well be pursued jointly at Faculty level, via collaboration between departments, or together with other units.

Another objective is to strengthen joint relations within education, research and administration between the Faculty/departments and external partners. There is a lot of very effective collaboration between individual researchers at the Faculty and researchers, practitioners and organisations from outside the Faculty. It is important that the conditions for optimising such joint collaboration are in place, and in some areas there is a need for more robust and institutional collaboration to be set up between relevant stakeholders and the Faculty/departments - both nationally and internationally ...

Exctract of  Faculty Strategic Goals for 2018/19-2022

Research collaboration

If your company would like to collaborate with us, please read more at the UCPH portal for Business Collaboration.

AnthroAnalysis, Center for Applied Anthropology, is a unit within the Department of Anthropology for the development and conduct of collaborative research and teaching projects. Since 2005, the unit has carried out a range of studies, evaluations, courses, and training sessions in collaboration with partners among private corporations, public institutions, and civil society organizations. Read more about the unit here.

Research impact

When society embraces new research findings and for instance incorporates them into national legislation – you talk about research impact.
See some of the more recent examples of our research impact here.

Career collaboration

Project & Career Advisory Service - contact to the real world 

The Project & Career Advisory Service promotes cooperation between university students and private and public organisations outside the academic world. This cooperation takes place in connection with the writing of the final thesis or other major papers.
Once a year the Project & Career Advisory Service hosts a career fair - Company Day.

Read more about the Project & Career Advisory Service here.

Strategic dialogue with the outside world

Employer panels and Advisory Board

Employer panels are set up for each of the five departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The employer panels act as sounding boards regarding education and graduate employment issues for the departments and the Dean.
Furthermore, a Faculty Advisory Board is set up. Tem members consists of the chairs of the departments' employer panels and a number of external members.

Read more about the employer panels and Advisory Board here.

Ekstra information / Sidebar

Recruit students and candidates

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