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Mission, vision and values of the Faculty of Social Sciences' Administration

The aim of the administration of the University of Copenhagen is to provide technical and administrative services to management, staff, students and partners.

The faculty administrations are assigned the task of coordinating the faculties' efforts within teaching and research. The faculties manage finances, conduct examinations, handle recruitment and other major tasks in cooperation with the deans.

The Faculty Administration's liason committee (SESAM) has adopted the following mission, vision and values for the Faculty Administration:

The mission of the Faculty Administration is

  • to assist the Dean in his task to honour the objective of the University within the fields of Social Sciences.

The objective is:

  • to carry out research,
  • to provide research-based teaching,
  • to cooperate with the surrounding society - both nationally and internationally speaking,
  • to share knowledge and expertise with the surrounding society.

The vision of the Faculty Administration

We would like to be known as a dynamic and forthcoming place of employment that deals with tasks in a quality-minded and professional manner in dialogue with staff and students. Furthermore, we aim to be the frontrunner of the University of Copenhagen.

The values of the Faculty Administration are

  • professionalism,
  • joint responsibility and cooperativeness,
  • courage, inquisitiveness and endorsement.

To the Faculty Administration, professionalism is

  • to work efficiently and provide quality-minded input to the administration's tasks, objective and decisions.
  • to ensure a constructive cooperation through dialogue with the Faculty's departments and the University Administration.
  • reliableto be reliable and objective.
  • to ensure that we always have the necessary expertise to deal with the tasks at hand.

To the Faculty Administration, joint responsibiliy and cooperativeness are

  • to accept responsibility for separate tasks and for the administration's joint problem solving.
  • to be conscious of the fact that we are part of a large institution, and that we must also contribute to the smooth operation of the University in its entirety.
  • to accept responsibilty for sharing information with others.
  • to acknowledge that we are personally and professionally diverse, and that we are capable of exploiting this diversity in our problem-solving.
  • to take steps improve any and all disfunctional teamwork.

To the Faculty Administration, courage, inquisitiveness and endorsement are

  • to dare to search for and engage oneself in new assignments and challenges.
  • to take steps to make improvements and be innovative, and that we are open to our colleagues' proposed improvements.
  • that the management backs us and that we have faith in this endorsement.
  • to back our colleagues and show mutual respect.
  • to accept that we ourselves and others as well may make mistakes.