Programme Coordinators Forum

The Programme Coordinators Forum discusses study-administration questions and works with the study programmes and departments to make the procedures and administrative solutions more uniform across social sciences, in order to improve services to users.

The group’s work is underpinned by joint principles and procedures. It may only deviate from these where justified by important academic considerations.

Monitoring and following up on the implementation of policy and guidelines in the education area is also a Programme Coordinators Forum responsibility.

The Programme Coordinators Forum consists of the faculty’s director of studies, the programme coordinator from each department’s programme administration and a member of staff from the faculty’s study and exams office. Other employees attend when appropriate.
The forum is chaired by the director of studies.
The forum generally meets once a month (except July).
The faculty acts as co-ordinator.
All members are allowed to submit items for the agenda.

The programme co-ordinators, in collaboration with the management, are responsible for each department putting the decisions into practice. The director of studies is responsible for putting the decisions into practice in the study and exams office.


  • Director of Studies Marianne Kristensen (faculty secretariat)
  • Programme Coordinator Anna Marie Bramsen (Psychology)
  • Programme Coordinator Johanne Dahl (Sociology)
  • Programme Coordinator Susanne Stoltz (Economy)
  • Programme Coordinator Lasse Højmark Petersen (Anthropology)
  • Programme Coordinator Troels Claus Baaglund (Political Science)
  • Programme Coordinator Jon Clausen (Global Development)
  • Special Advisor Andreas Fensholm (faculty secretariat)
  • Special Advisor May-Britt Brændstrup (faculty secretariat)