IT Committee

The IT Committee at the Faculty of Social Sciences consists of members of Administrator's Forum and representatives from University IT.


  • to ensure appropriate interaction between the faculty and University IT
  • to prioritise development wishes and suggestions for new or changed it-services received from the faculty's departments
  • to ensure that relevant information from University IT is passed on to the staff at the faculty


  • Faculty Director Ditte Bergholdt Asmussen
  • Department Administrator Peter Flindt (Economics)
  • Department Administrator NN (Political Science)
  • Department Administrator NN (Psychology)
  • Director of Studies Trine Klitgaard Bro (Faculty Secretariat)
  • Financial Director Maria Bjaaland Larsen (Faculty Secretariat)
  • Head of Communication Rune Heiberg Hansen (Faculty Secretariat)
  • Support Manager Aage T. Andersen (City Campus IT & Counselling)
  • Representatives from University IT


Lea Rosa Kvist, e-mail:, phone: +45 35 32 52 03