Policy for sending out collective emails to all student or groups of students – University of Copenhagen

Policy for sending out collective emails to all students or groups of students

The Faculty Secretariat only sends out collective emails to all students or to groups of students to inform about matters directly related to studies or examinations, for example implementation of the new grading system, questionnaires regarding the study environment, changes in curriculum or in similar cases. In very special cases, for instance questionnaires related to a research project, exceptions can be made, but it is always up to the Faculty Secretariat to decide. In this connection it is important to note that we never give out students’ email addresses, since this would be illegal.

If you wish to contact our students collectively in other ways (flyers, new papers etc. on campus), please contact our building administrator at Campus Service City.

The general policy of the Faculty for collective emails is to always write the message in both Danish and English, so that our foreign students will get the information to. In very special cases exceptions can be made.

The departments have similar guidelines. Mostly it is the Student Advisory Service or the Department Administrator at the department who sends out collective emails, so please contact them directly, if you wish to contact a specific group of students at the department.