Teaching portfolio in connection with applications to the Faculty of Social Sciences

For positions as associate or full professor the assessment committee and the hiring committee must be able to assess the applicants' teaching qualifications in relation to teaching at the Faculty and any specific teaching assignments described in the announcement.

The application must, thus, include an account of and document the applicant's teaching experience and qualifications. This material is termed a "teaching portfolio". The University of Copenhagen's common guidelines for teaching portfolios can be found to the right.

The portfolio must contain information corresponding to items a.-g. in the common guidelines, including teaching evaluations and material demonstrating the applicant's reflections on his/her own pedagogical activities.

The portfolio may for example be organized as follows:

1. CV of teaching

1.1. List of teaching experience at university level

For each activity, information should be provided about the discipline and level taught (bachelor, master's or PhD), its duration, teaching activities (lectures, classes, supervision etc.) and the language of instruction. Furthermore, the role and responsibilities of the applicant should be indicated (e.g. teaching assistant, lecturer with or without supervision of teaching assistants, any responsibilities in relation to course planning and/or conduct of exams). Information about experience with course teaching as well as experience with student supervision, e.g. in connection with BSc and MSc theses, must likewise be indicated. If the applicant has extensive teaching experience, the information may be more cursory, e.g. just mention the number and level of courses taught and/or theses supervised, and not the individual course titles. Detailed information should, however, be provided for the most recent teaching experience.
Information on teaching experience from non-university institutions (e.g. K-12) may be included.

1.2. Teaching awards (if any)

1.3. List of publications in relation to teaching and education (if any)

Published textbooks, contributions to textbooks etc. Articles, conference contributions and books on education, teaching and students.

1.4. Formal pedagogical training

Educational institution at which the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Programme has been completed as well as start and end date of the programme. List of supplementary teaching courses completed and start and end of each course (if any).

1.5. Experience with administration and management of education (if any)

Experience with planning, development and management of study programmes, participation in committees, commissions etc. in relation to education.

1.6. Experience with evaluation of teaching and education (if any)

For example experience as external examiner, experience as teaching supervisor for assistant professors, participation in methodical collegial supervision or experience in evaluations at faculty or university level in national or international contexts.
The CV of teaching should not exceed 3 pages.

2. Reflection on own pedagogical activities

The applicant's reflections in relation to his/her own teaching activities, objectives, method and how it was carried out. In this reflection, the applicant is to analyse and motivate/explain his/her teaching activities in relation to his/her pedagogical understanding and student learning. The reflections must be specific in relation to the applicant's teaching experience and related to the other material contained in the portfolio, including evaluation results (3.2) and the teaching material chosen (3.4). Descriptions of teaching development projects in which the applicant has participated may be included
The reflection paper is expected to be 1-3 pages long.

3. Documentation and appendixes illustrating qualifications

3.1. Diploma for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Programe completed, including final evaluation

Diplomas or course certificates for supplementary courses, if any.
If the applicant has not completed a formal Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Programme, the material in the portfolio should provide sufficient information for the assessment committee to determine whether the applicant holds qualifications corresponding to a completed teacher training programme. In particular it should be clearly documented that the applicant is able to reflect and decide on his/her own teaching practice; cf. item 2. above.

3.2. Selected course evaluations

If possible, evaluations from the last courses that the applicant has taught should be included. If evaluations have not been carried out or the evaluation results can not be obtained, a short explanation for this should be provided. Other course evaluations and evaluation of other teaching activities (e.g. supervision) may be included.

3.3. References (if any)

References regarding the applicant's teaching qualifications from superiors, colleagues, assessors or examiners.

3.4. Selected examples of teaching material and other material completed by the applicant in relation to teaching activities

It should be clear for which course(s) the material has been prepared. Material may for example include lecture plans, reading guides, exercises, lecture notes, web-pages, course platforms, presentations, exam assignments or exam questions. The material should be recent and illustrate the applicant's pedagogical approach.
The teaching material should not exceed 10 pages.
Podcasts and similar audio-visual material may be included.

3.5. Project descriptions for teaching development projects in which the applicant has participated (if any).

The applicant's role in the project should be described.