Procedure when exam cheating is suspected

For students

Heads of studies and study boards are responsible for ensuring that degree programmes are organized in such a way that students are made aware of the rules for academic integrity.

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, all students are informed about the University's rules pertaining to exam cheating and plagiarism via the intranet (KUnet under the left-hand menu item ‘Examination’, requires login). The study administrations are responsible for this.

Furthermore, the Faculty has drawn up guidelines aimed at staff members. The guidelines contain information on work processes etc. in case of suspicion of cheating. See below. Please be advised that the guidelines contain useful knowledge to students who are presently under suspicion of exam cheating.

For employees

The Faculty has prepared guidelines aimed at heads of studies, lecturers and administrative staff that may be used if exam cheating is suspected. The guidelines are available here

Please be advised that the guidelines contain information which may be useful knowledge to students.

The Study and Examinations Office is responsible for the drafting of these guidelines.