Recruitment of permanent academic staff

When recruiting teaching staff, the criteria for assessing applicants include teaching qualifications and educational competences.

Recruitment of permanent academic staff (associate professors and professors)

Vacancy announcements always contain a reference to teaching qualifications and educational competences.

Teaching portfolios must accompany all applications for professor and associate professor positions at the University of Copenhagen. The Faculty of Social Sciences’ guidelines follow and expand upon the University of Copenhagen guidelines.

The Faculty of Social Sciences publishes information for applicants on how to document teaching qualifications when applying for posts.

Teaching qualifications are also taken into account in the obligatory assessment for positions as professor and associate professor. The assessment committee looks at:

  • the breadth of the applicant’s teaching experience – courses, institutions, target groups/level, form of teaching and teaching language
  • quality of the applicant’s teaching experience –documented examples of teaching materials and course evaluations
  • integration of educational practice and understanding – demonstrated competences in analysing their own teaching, reflecting on decisions about their own      personal development and making changes to their own teaching practice.

For further details, see the UCPH Assessment Guidelines here (only accessible to employees of the University of Copenhagen).

Teaching qualifications and educational competences are a fixed and integral part of the interviews. Heads of studies participate in all interviews for the posts of professor and associate professor.


The dean is responsible for the appointment of academic staff. HR & Personnel is the administrative unit charged with ensuring compliance with the rules and guidelines.