22 November 2017

DFF Starting Grant 2017 to Ingo Zettler


Professor with Special Responsibilities in Personality and Social Behavior at Department of Psychology, Ingo Zettler, has received a Sapere Aude Starting Grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Ingo Zettler, Professor with Special Responsibilities in Personality and Social BehaviorIngo Zettler has received DKK 5.9 million to his research project "Does the Mixture Make the Poison? Agents' Personalities and Collaborative Dishonesty".

About the project

Collaborative dishonesty—aligned dishonest behavior involving two or more people serving their individual utility—occurs frequently (e.g., bribery), and has tremendously negative impacts. Recent experiments show that groups differ quite strongly in showing collaborative dishonesty, and that some agents shift from being honest to dishonest due to signals by another.

With this project, Ingo Zettler will provide the first account on systematically considering the role of agents’ personalities for collaborative dishonesty. Specifically, the project will compose different groups based on agents’ personalities (e.g., groups of agents with low vs. high levels of creativity), to investigate their level of collaborative dishonesty. To this end, Ingo Zettler and his research group will use a variant of the die-roll paradigm from behavioral economics in which people play together.

- If we find what we expect, we will be able to show which kinds of people by interaction show behavior of collaborative dishonesty and to what extent. This knowledge can contribute to the development of interventions that in the long run can help reducing the occurrence of dishonesty in practice, for example in connection with bribery, says Ingo Zettler.

Professor with Special Responsibilites Ingo Zettler
Department of Psychology
Phone: +45 35 32 48 50
Mail: ingo.zettler@psy.ku.dk