16 November 2018

How do unfavorable living conditions affect eating habits in everyday life?


New research will contribute to knowledge on food practices and dietary health among economically disadvantaged.

A new research project studies men and women living in disadvantaged economic conditions to determine the effects of socioeconomic factors on food choices in everyday life.

The researchers expect that a part of the knowledge gathered can be applied to the field of health policy.

- The project is meant to fill the gap in the existing research about the significance of dynamics in everyday practices and make us understand the connection between unfavorable socioeconomic conditions and less healthy eating patterns, Bente Halkier, professor at the Department of Sociology, says.

She leads the project together with Lotte Holm, professor at the Department of Food and Resource Economics.

The definition of less healthy eating habits is based on a validated Diet Quality Index, and the researchers collect information based on observations of everyday habits as well as interviews on diet with socioeconomically disadvantaged men and women.

The project is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark with DKK 2.6 million.