George Soros – University of Copenhagen

About George Soros

After the war, George Soros studied philosophy at London School of Economics and was profoundly inspired by the philosopher Karl Popper’s ideas. But, instead of an academic career, he chose the world of finance, where he – besides earning a huge personal wealth as an investor – also started studying the mechanisms that govern financial behaviour.

In 1987, George Soros published his first book where he elaborates two basic concepts called fallibility (imperfect information) and reflexivity (self-reinforcing feed-back mechanisms). These features, typical of financial behaviour, contradicted many of the fundamental assumptions that standard economic models rely on. He has since published several other books; most recently one in 2012.

For the last 30 years, George Soros has donated millions of dollars to charity. He founded the Open Society Foundations in 1984 to help countries move away from communism. The network has since expanded the activities, and over the years, George Soros has donated more than $ 8 billion in total in support of human rights, freedom of speech and access to health services and education across 70 countries worldwide: