11 April 2014

New Head of Department at the Department of Sociology

Janus Hansen, Deputy Head of Department and Associate Professor at the Department of Business and Politics, CBS, is to be appointed new Head of Department at the Department of Sociology.

On 15 August Janus Hansen takes over management responsibility at the Department after Carsten Strøby Jensen who has held the position as Head of Department since 2006.

"The Department of Sociology faces a generational change. A Janus Hansenclear course has to be set in order to strengthen and develop the academic qualities and the profile of the core activities of the Department, and the international profile needs to be further sharpened. Janus Hansen has exactly the strong profile and background that we were looking for in order to be able to continue the work to prepare the Department of Sociology for the future," says Dean Troels Østergaard Sørensen.

In appointing Janus Hansen Troels Østergaard Sørensen follows the unanimous recommendation of the employment committee. Janus Hansen will take over management responsibility of the Department of Sociology on 15 august. At present he is Deputy Head of Department and Associate Professor at the Department of Business and Politics at the CBS.

Trained in Copenhagen and Florence

Janus Hansen is 41 years old, and he completed his training as a sociologist at the University of Copenhagen in 2000. He then continued his training in Italy where he earned his PhD degree from the European University Institute in Florence in 2005. He has also been a visiting researcher at the University of York in the UK, and at New York University in the US.

With this gained international experience, he then returned to Copenhagen. Initially to become an external lecturer at the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen, and later on in a position as a researcher at the Royal Danish Veterinarian and Agricultural University, which is part of today’s University of Copenhagen. Janus Hansen came to the Department of Business and Politics at the CBS in 2006.

Good balance between teaching and research

Janus Hansen has management experience relating to both research and education. As Head of Studies he was responsible for developing and implementing initiatives in the field of education at the CBS and at the Sino-Danish Center (SDC) in Beijing, China. The latter was a co-operation with several Danish Universities and an Chinese partner university.

"There is a good balance in Janus Hansen’s qualifications in both education and research. Both areas have been high priorities in his career, and he has a strong experience from an internationalized research and education environment, that we very much look forward to benefiting from," says Troels Østergaard Sørensen.

Carsten Strøby Jensen became Head of Department at the Department of Sociology on 1 November 2006. He wishes to return to his research concerning the labor market and on 15 August he resumes his position as an associate professor at the Department.