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31 January 2013

Four more years for NIAS

The Nordic Council of Ministers will continue to fund the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) in the period from 2013 to 2016. The Faculty of Social Sciences has just signed a contract with the Council, which will allocate roughly the same amount as it has allocated in the previous five years, i.e. app. 5 million annually.

Maintain distinct Nordic profile

The grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers requires that the Institute continues to have a distinct Nordic profile. This means that NIAS must keep focus on the valued cooperation that has been established between the Nordic partners.

The primary funding for the Institute comes from the Nordic Council of Ministers. Furthermore, the University of Copenhagen contributes to the funding of the Institute, which also in the future will be affiliated to the University.

Focus on Asia in coming years

To strengthen the cooperation and take advantage of the possibilities of establishing academic synergies between NIAS and the other departments at the Faculty, NIAS became part of the Department of Political Science as of 1 January 2013. The Director of NIAS, Geir Helgesen, now refers to the Head of Department at the Department of Political Science, Lars Bo Kaspersen.

NIAS has not only moved organisationally, but also physically. In October 2012, the Institute moved in at the Centre for Health and Society in Building 33. This means that the Faculty is now unified in one place, rather than being located at various addresses in Copenhagen.

The Asia venture at the University, the Asian Dynamics Initiative (ADI), which is closely linked to NIAS, moved with the Institute to the Centre for Health and Society. The venture continues and, together with NIAS, the two of them constitute the focal point of the Faculty’s focus on Asia in the coming years.