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20 March 2014

Other UCPH excellence programmes

- with the Faculty of Social Sciences as partners.

Living with Statins - High Cholesterol values in the blood: A Social, Medical and Personal Perspective (SUND, SAMF, HUM)

Attention to Dopamine: From Psychological Functions to Molecular Mechanisms (SUND, SAMF)

University of Copenhagen Research Centre for Control of Antibiotic Resistance (UC.CARE) (SUND, HUM, SAMF, SCIENCE)

Changing Disasters - Understanding Societies through Disasters (JUR, TEO, SCIENCE; SUND, HUM, SAMF)

Dynamical Systems: Mathematical Modeling and Statistical Methodology for the Social, Health and Natural Sciences (SCIENCE, SUND, SAMF)

CoNext - Fertilizing the ground and harvesting the full potential of the new neutron and X-ray research infrastruktures close to University of Copenhagen (SCIENCE, SUND, JUR, HUM, SAMF)

PROGRAM - Information PROminence and GRAMmar in mind and brain (HUM, SUND, SAMF)