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Student Information Desk

The Student Information Desk provides information on and assistance with all kinds of study-related administrative procedures.

  • KUnet - e-mail account and self-service system
  • Change of 'pseudo'-number to a Danish civil reg. no. (CPR-number)
  • Transcripts and certified copies of diplomas issued by the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Enrolment matters, including confirmation and confirmation of ECTS achieved
  • Signing of forms from Danish unemployment funds 
  • Confirmation of active participation in a study programme in relation to housing associations

Furthermore, you can obtain information on administrative procedures in relation to:

  • Termination of enrolment and leave of absence
  • Enrolment degree programmes (including transfer from the Bachelor degree programme to the Master's degree programme)
  • Change of study (in-house), re-enrolment, simultaneous enrolment in the Bachelor and Master's degree programmes
  • Change of name and/or address
  • Examination appeals and other appeal procedures (e.g. credit transfer)
  • Copy of diploma (if the original has been lost) or elective/minor subject diplomas

Student Services is prepared to assist you in all study-related matters. If we do not know the answer to your query, we probably know someone who does!