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Andreas de Neergaard

Andreas de Neergaard

Professor with special responsibilities for teaching and education development.

Since 2013 I have been appointed Professor with special responsibilities for education and teaching, besides my research focus on Agricultural Development.

My work on Educations and Teaching falls in three categories: Firstly, I am study director of 2 MSc programs (Agricultural Development and Agris Mundus - a joint European MSc) and one BSc program (Natural Resources). In that capacity, I have worked on curriculum development, including a large qualitative and quantitative study of BSc students academic identity and alignment to their program profile. We have used this information in redesign of the BSc program. 

Secondly, I work on course development, particularly game and role-play supported course components, and in general I try to stay updated on technology platforms in didactics. I also have extensive experience in field based, interdisciplinary courses, and multi-disciplinary student groups on cross-cutting, applied issues.

Finally, I am involved in various course and curriculum development projects with international partners, both via the Agris Mundus MSc program, but also in joint educational projects at MSc level (eg SLUSE network, with partners in Malaysia, Thailand and Kenya), as well as PhD level (Agtrain, ARI, Building Stronger Universities).


Teaching and curriculum development 
I have (co)-supervised more than 50 MSc and BSc thesis' and 22 PhD's. I have taught a wide range of courses at BSc, MSc and PhD level within soil science and plant nutrition, agricultural development pathways, natural resource management and environmental impact assessment.

Research profile and research management
My research focusses on Agricultural Development in mainly tropical and subtropical agroecosystems. It took point of departure in soil fertility and recycling questions and has now developed to include wider system analysis of agro-ecosystems through interdisciplinary research networks including aspects of livelihoods and economy, environmental services and farmers priorities, markets and commercialisation. 

My current work includes aspects of rural livelihoods and interactions between resource endowments and farming practices, e.g. impact of organic certification or climate smart practices on farming systems and livelihoods. I am involved in several projects specifically addressing greenhouse gas emissions from farming systems, particularly from irrigated rice, plantation crops and REDD projects in Southeast Asia, as well as organic waste management and composts. Our research takes point of departure in farmers realities and the biophysical surroundings, in an attempt to optimise resource use efficiency and improve livelihoods.

You are welcome to contact me for potential collaboration on any of these subjects.

ID: 4231053