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Martin Bukh Vestergaard. Foto: Maria Ovesen

Martin Bukh Vestergaard
Partnerships and outreach
+45 35 33 08 06 

Amalie Hyllested Johansen. Foto: Maria Ovesen

Amalie Hyllested
Partnerships and outreach
+45 23 64 96 10 

Johanne Køpfli Møller. Foto: Maria Shubhra

Johanne Køpfli Møller
Continuing education
+45 35 33 28 92 

Dorte Fredskilde Braad. Foto: Maria Ovesen

Dorte Fredskilde Braad
Partnerships and funding
+45 35 32 41 20 

Maria Shubhra Ovesen. Foto: Marie Myrhøj

Maria Shubhra Ovesen
Innovation and entrepreneurship
+45 60 77 73 89  

Ditte Helsted-Amskov. Foto: Maria Ovesen

Ditte Helsted-Amskov
The sustainability laboratory
35 32 79 93 





There are plenty of opportunity to collaborate with our researchers.

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