About the Faculty

Students outside. Photo: Jens Markus Lindhe

The Faculty of Social Sciences is a forward-thinking faculty offering opportunities for educational, recreational, and cultural development. Research and research-based education are core values of the Faculty. We offer an environment in which students are challenged to extend and enhance themselves intellectually, professionally and creatively, and we strive to prepare our students for the demands of the future - both nationally and internationally speaking. 

The Faculty is one of six at the University of Copenhagen. The Faculty has a student body of about 6,500 students and app. 450 staff members and 160 PhD students.

Since 2006, the Faculty has been located at the former municipal hospital (Kommunehospitalet). This location compliments and contributes to the already existing special inspirational atmosphere that characterises the study environment of the Faculty. The central location within the metropolitan area also provides a highly active reciprocity with the public and private institutions of the city.

Research and education

The five departments each manage their own degree programmes, from undergraduate to PhD levels. In addition to the ordinary degree programmes, the Faculty offers various continuing education programmes, Open University courses and summer schools. 

Research and research-based education are core values of the Faculty. High quality research and education has always been the Faculty's primary objective, and the Faculty's researchers are strongly encouraged to contribute actively to the public debate.
The Faculty strives to keep its doors open to other fields of study and research as well, and the departments take part in several cross-faculty projects.


Since the establishment of various European student exchange programmes in the late 1980's, the Faculty of Social Sciences has attracted a substantial number of international guest and exchange students each year; and each semester, the departments offer a wide variety of courses in English to international and Danish students. Likewise, the Faculty encourages its own students to include in their degree programme a period of studies abroad, e.g. through some of the University's numerous exchange programmes.