FAU Travelling Seminar Series

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About the Seminar

University of Copenhagen (UCPH) in collaboration with The Association of Development Researchers in Denmark (FAU) and the Global Development Network (GDN) at UCPH are hosting the FAU Travelling Seminar Series where we will explore:

What are the new currents in global development research and how do we create research networks in early career tracks at University of Copenhagen and beyond?

At this seminar, we have invited three early career researchers from the University of Copenhagen who each have been highly successful in achieving external funding. They will present their current research on broader global development issues, bringing us first to the rapidly growing city of Accra in Ghana – where the intertwinement of unregulated urban expansion processes and exacerbating flood risk will be studied. Secondly, we stay in Ghana, but turn to a focus on green transition as a site of socio-political struggle, more specifically looking in to the irregular mining of minerals in Ghana. Lastly, we turn to the analysis of global climate change mitigation initiatives and how they affect local agri-forest landscapes in Vietnam.

Following their presentations we invite for a panel debate followed by a plenum discussion on career paths, networking, challenges, do's and don'ts - which hopefully can inspire students as well as young and senior researchers.

Everyone is welcome – students, staff and external partners.


  • 14:15-14.20: Welcome by Søren Jeppesen, Co-Spokesperson of FAU
  • 14:20-14.45: Manja Hoppe Andreasen: Built-in risk: The Intertwinement of unregulated urban expansion and flood risk in Accra’s periphery
  • 14:45-15.10: Humphrey Asamoah Agyekum: Green transition as a site of socio-political struggle
  • 15:10-15.25: Short break - Coffee and Cake
  • 15:25-15.50: Neda Trifkovic: Climate change mitigation in agri-forest landscapes
  • 15:50-16.30: Panel and dialogue on new currents in global development research, career paths, networking and do's and don'ts. Moderated by the Global Development Network/FAU
  • 16:30-17.00: Reception – Networking - Drinks and Snacks

Seminar Speakers


Manja Hoppe Andreasen, Tenure Track Assistant Professor

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Section of Geography

Current research: Urban encroachment – untangling drivers and dynamics of land-use transitions in ecologically sensitive areas (2024-2028). This project is supported by a Sapere Aude: DFF Starting Grant. In this project, I want to examine the drivers and dynamics of urban encroachment in ecologically sensitive areas. I will conduct a comparative study of two rapidly growing cities – Accra in Ghana and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania – which have been characterized by extensive informal expansion in recent decades. 



Humphrey Asamoah Agyekum, Assistant Professor

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Social Science, Department of Anthropology, Centre for Global Criminology

Current research: Green transition is a site of socio-political struggle. Our efforts to achieve sustainable environmental change are challenged by forces that profit from exploitative practices. The implementation of positive environmental policies is counteracted by illegal means, making environmental crime a prime matter of concern for green transition. ILLECO investigates one such challenge to climate smart solutions. My part of the project researches the irregular mining of minerals or in local parlance galamsey in Ghana.



Neda Trifkovic, Tenure Track Assistant Professor

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Social Science, Department of Economics

Current research: Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam and Myanmar, Standards, Corporate Social Responsibility. My research is at the intersection of development economics, agricultural economics and food policy, with an emphasis on transformation of global value chains. A common thread in my research is the analysis of how institutions shape economic outcomes for participants from developing countries. Specific areas in which I have been conducting research include welfare effects of international regulation for smallholders in developing countries, food quality and safety standards, contract farming, market access and food policy.


About FAU

The Association of Development Researchers in Denmark (FAU) is a voluntary, membership-based organisation. The Association has existed since 1982 with the objectives to promote interdisciplinary research and dissemination hereof among academics, practitioners and students. The (FAU) Travelling Seminar Series has been aimed at promoting a variety of Global South/Development research activities at the different universities and research institutions in Denmark.

About UCPH Global Development Network

The Global Development Network (GDN) is a cross faculty network at University of Copenhagen focusing on broader global development issues and perspectives. GDN works to keep students and researchers connected with on and off campus news and information about current and ongoing events, activities, and career and study opportunities related to global development. GDN works to keep global development issues high on the agenda of researchers and students at the university.