27 January 2021

New head of development and communication at The Faculty of Social Sciences


On 1 February 2021, Rune Heiberg Hansen will join the Faculty of Social Sciences as head of development and communication.

Rune Heiberg Hansen. Photo: Zarko Ivetic
Rune Heiberg Hansen. Photo: Zarko Ivetic

Rune Heiberg Hansen will be responsible for the faculty’s outreach work with regard to foundations and developing plans for research applications within the faculty’s strategic priorities, its focus on continuing and further education, knowledge exchange with the outside world and external communication.

His first main task will be to establish a new section for research, development and communication within the faculty secretariat. The section will consist of employees previously affiliated with other parts of the faculty secretariat or the departments, who will now work together with Rune on establishing the new section, which will cooperate closely with the local environments at the faculty. Aside from establishing the new section, Rune will represent the Faculty of Social Sciences in various communication and knowledge dissemination committees at the University of Copenhagen.

Dean Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen says:
’I look forward to working together with Rune. He is an experienced and involving leader, and I have confidence in his ability to consider the large-scale strategic concerns in specific, everyday decision making. He brings with him a development perspective that facilitates visionary and future-oriented decisions’.

Rune Heiberg Hansen has just left DAMVAD Analytics, where he was head of business development within the educational sector. Before that he served as area manager at the Danish Accreditation Institution. He was also worked at Aarhus University and Universities Denmark, and for a number of years he has contributed actively to the debate on education policy. Rune holds an MSc in Political Sciences from Aarhus University.

Rune Heiberg Hansen says:
‘The social sciences provide society with vital knowledge and competences. Not least when it comes to managing the corona pandemic, the climate and democratic changes. I look forward to rendering visible the great social value created by researchers and students at the faculty. And the Faculty of Social Sciences has potential to make an even greater contribution. It is a potential that I look forward to helping unfold’.