9 April 2021

Strong manager as new Faculty Director at the Faculty of Social Sciences


On May 1 Ditte Bergholdt Asmussen takes the reins of the administration at the Faculty of Social Sciences as new Faculty Director.

The new Faculty Director is an experienced leader. Ditte Bergholdt Asmussen has several years of management and executive experience from politically governed organisations and a deep understanding of financial governance and organisational strategy and implementation. A substantial part of this experience comes from educational and knowledge organisations.

In a statement, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen says of the new Faculty Director:
- Ditte has the special understanding of rhythm in an organisation characteristic of great leaders. She will know when the organisation is busy and when there is need for new energy and change. She has established this understanding through a number of management positions at both state and municipal level, where she has produced results together with management colleagues and staff. I look forward to working together with Ditte.

On her new position, Ditte Bergholdt Asmussen notes:
- I look forward to becoming a part of the management team at SAMF. The faculty is a proud organisation with strong traditions, which insists on being ambitious and relevant for the society it is part of and for which it educates. And I look forward to take the lead in the part of the organisation, where we need to master both development and daily administration in a common understanding with the rest of the organisation on the core tasks of the faculty and how to support this.

Ditte Bergholdt Asmussen comes from a position as Head of the Centre for Prevention at the Danish Security and Intelligence Service and before that as Head of Center at the Children and Youth Administration at the City of Copenhagen. Previously, Ditte Bergholdt Asmussen has also served as Resource Manager at the Danish Evaluation Institute, EVA.

With reference to the Dean, the Faculty Director is responsible for the daily implementation of the strategy and administration of the faculty.

Together with the Dean and Vice-dean, the Faculty Director is part of the Faculty Management, which is the executive daily management of the faculty. Here the Faculty Director is responsible for coordination and integration of the administrative functions at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Faculty Director together with the rest of the Faculty Management and the Heads of Departments constitutes the Faculty Management Team, which is the top management of the faculty tasked with discussing and deciding the overall financial and strategic direction of the faculty and responsible for management and development of the faculty.

Watch a short video with the new Faculty Director here: