Climate and sustainability group

In continuation of the faculty's revised action plans in 2019, it was decided to set up a climate and sustainability group. The group must have representatives from academic staff, technical/administrative staff, students and management at the faculty.

The work of the group must support, strengthen and complement the activities that are already taking place and facilitate the development of new activities. The work must:

  • Elevate local activities or suggestions for greater dissemination at the faculty
  • Inspire, strengthen and support local activities
  • The ability to initiate and support interdisciplinary initiatives

Members of the group

Lars Tønder (chairman, Political Science)

Poul Poder (Sociology)

Simon Lex Westergaard (Anthropology)

Adéla Plechatá (Psychology)

Peter Kjær Kruse-Andersen (Economics)

Troels Claus Baagland (Faculty Administration)

Stina Robson (Campus Service)

Elisabeth Juhl Frost (student, SIMA)

Freja Mørk Hansen (student) 

Esben Bjørn Salmonsen (student)

Frederikke Dandanell Peters (student)

Linette Knudsen (student)