Human behaviour and financial and political measures and incentives are crucial when tackling the climate problems of the world today. Technical solutions and insights from the natural sciences only work in interaction with how we live, and the way in which we make decisions. At Social Sciences – University of Copenhagen, researchers and students from the fields of Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Political Science are investigating how human and political factors can create climate solutions to contribute to a more sustainable world, and they look into how the climate agenda interacts with issues concerning the society of the future..

Dean Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen

Research in the streets

Is an economist equipped with yellow duct tape and images of politicians' heads able to make drunk people at Distortion (Danish street festival, red.) dump their waste in the garbage can in stead of in the street?
Behavioral economist at the University of Copenhagen, Christina Gravert, shows the Danish TV2 ECHO how nudging works.