8 September 2020

New measures to prevent the spread of corona virus


Copenhagen is currently seeing an increase in infection rates, and at the Faculty of Social Sciences most departments have cases of corona virus. Once again it is time to show public spirit and to remind each other that our number one priority continues to be to prevent the spread of corona virus.

In order to prevent the spread of corona virus on campus and in Copenhagen, a tightening of the existing guidelines is required.

Consequences for the Staff

  • All academic staff (VIPs) must work from home – with the exception of teaching, which will continue to be conducted on campus as far as possible, and research that can only be performed on campus.
  • All technical and administrative staff (TAPs) must work from home, unless their job can only be done on campus.
  • Physical meetings (including seminars, conferences and courses) must be converted into Zoom meetings, and all social events in connection with meetings are cancelled. Physical meetings are only held where absolutely necessary.
  • The Dean's Office finds that a series of meetings etc. in connection with the launch of the study administration services are absolutely necessary. The academic events – held before 17:00 – in connection with the launch of the new study administration services will continue as planned.

Social events (e.g. receptions) are cancelled – even when they are connected to academic events.

Together with the heads of department and involving members of staff, the Dean’s Office will keep you informed on whether or not these measures will continue after 22 September. However, as a rule, these new rules will apply until further notice. NOTE! New date is 4 October 2020.

Consequences for the Teaching

  • Class instruction in fixed classes will continue as planned.
  • Lectures for fixed classes divided into zones will be suspended temporarily. Instead, distance requirements will be introduced in the auditoriums. This means that we may use the auditoriums, but only at half the usual capacity.
  • Counselling will continue as physical meetings in accordance with the teachers’ and students’ wishes.
  • Study places for thesis writing etc. on campus remain open.

New Requirements for Students in Connection with Events, Use of Campus Facilities and Student Counselling

  • For students, all events of a social-academic nature outside the planned teaching have been cancelled up to and including 22 September.
  • Facilities on campus cannot be used for neither academic nor social student events after 17:00.
  • All student counselling will be conducted online/over the phone, whereas academic supervision, e.g. in connection with thesis writing, may still be conducted physically.

Read the existing guidelines of SOCIAL SCIENCES

Follow the spread of corona virus at SOCIAL SCIENCES

Please stay updated on the UCPH corona virus site on KUnet

Always remember to observe the health-related recommendations when you are on campus.

These rules will apply until further notice.