This is a view of the campus on Centre for Health and Society during the seasons.


Old buildings reflecting in new lecture hall (Chr. Hansen Auditorium)

Cherry trees of spring (front garden)

The charactaristic Dome seen from below with the trees of spring in the front

Students on the grass (front garden)

The Dome seen from the Botanical Garden across the street

Cherry tree and Dome (front garden)

Green tree next to the lecture hall Chr. Hansen Auditorium

Til toppen

The newest building on campus (building 35) - view from the old buildings

Student life (front garden)

Student reading in 'the secret garden'

Student life in the sunshine (the Secret Garden)

Student life (front garden)

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Autumn colours in Botanical Garden across the street from campus

Building 26 (Department of Economics)

Building 35 (lecture halls and offices)

Trees of autumn (front garden)

The dome after autumn rain

A rare sight: the Dome with flags - celebrating the 150 years anniversary of the municipal hospital

View from the roof (under the Dome)

Til toppen

Wintertime at the Faculty Administration (building 12)

The front garden dressed in white

Christmas tree in the front garden

A sunny winter day at campus

The garden near building 8

Big tree in its winter-colours (next to Chr. Hansen Auditorium)