City Campus

The Faculty of Social Sciences is located in the old municipal hospital as part of City Campus in the heart of Copenhagen (known as CSS). There are more than 6500 students at the Faculty which offers 7 BSc programmes, 10 MA programmes plus subsidiary subjects.

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen comprises the departments of anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology.

City Campus also includes the University Administration. The central administration is located in inner city in Nørregade.

Centre for Health and Society

Forhave på Center for Sundhed og SamfundThe different disciplines of the social sciences used to be spread at different locations in Copenhagen, but when the Municipal Hospital closed, and the Faculty took over the buildings, it became possible to gather almost all the study programmes in the same location. The Department of Psychology is located at Øster Farimagsgade 2A, while all other unites share the address Øster Farimagsgade 5 with parts of the Department of Public Health.

In order to accommodate the need to expand the existing teaching facilities, a new lecture hall was built after the Faculty took over the area, and another new building with more lecture rooms/halls was built and taken into use in September 2013.

Space to advance studies and insightsLæsesal - Fakultetsbiblioteket i Gothersgade 140

The Faculty has gathered its library services at the Faculty Library of Social Sciences located in Gothersgade 140. The Faculty Library also has a small study library in CSS’s buildings. Both libraries have study spaces, a lounge area, group rooms and quiet zones. The students obviously come to the libraries to study and work with concentration, but also to discuss and meet with study groups. As part of its work the Faculty Library organizes different events and functions open to people from outside the Faculty as well. On the CSS part of campus there are also comfortable areas with sofas etc. where the students can log on to the wireless network and work or relax during the day between the lectures. The book store, 'Academic Books', is also located on campus – this is where the students can buy books, compendia etc.

To cover the need for food and drink…

Studerende i kantinen på CSSIn the basement of building 5 you will find the big canteen ('den store kantine') at CSS, where many employees and students buy breakfast, lunch, coffee, cake etc. In the canteen you can eat or study in a peaceful environment. In the basement of building 4, you will find the small canteen ('den lille kantine') which offers a smaller choice.
In building 35 (basement) there is also a café.

The ’Café Kommunen’ in building 12 is the students café where big scale events are held. The departments also have cafés. This is where students meet, drink coffee, have parties, Thursday- og Friday bars and academic events. One thing the cafés have in common is that they are run by students, and there are plenty of chances to participate in the organizing of the cafés.

Come by and meet us on City Campus

If you are interested in studying one of the academic disciplines of social sciences at the University of Copenhagen, and if you would like to experience the campus area, its buildings and the atmosphere, is it easy to get to here and take a walk around. On the Faculty’s website you will find both a map and an explanation on how to get to City Campus by bus or metro.

Student advisory services

If you have any questions about the study programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences, you are welcome to contact the Student advisory services.