The Faculty of Social Sciences' Research Ethics Committee

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The Research Ethics Committee reviews the ethics of research proposals with an obtained grant and in which an ethical review is required by a funding body e.g. the EU or other authorities.

Ethical reviews are issued by the Committee if a researcher at Faculty of Social Sciences is project responsible or has a major role in the project.

The Committee does not deal with cases in which scientific journals require documentation from an Institutional Review Board (IRB), including an ethical IRB approval.

The Committee reviews whether the project is carried out in accordance with relevant national and international policies and guidelines on research ethics.


Application for an ethical review of a research shall be sent to the Secretariat. The applicant shall fill out this form (word) and attach relevant appendices. It is recommend to read the Committee's Guidelines for applicants (pdf).

The application shall be written in English.

Applications will be processed at the next meeting. You can thus expect that there are some months' processing time.


The Research Ethics Committee submits an annual report on its activities to the Academic Council at Faculty of Social Sciences.


The Faculty Secretariat, team data&law acts as secretariat for the Research Ethics Committee at Faculty of Social Sciences.
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