Faculty of Social Sciences Administration - staff

Staff at the Faculty Secretariat

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Andersen, Bente Academic administrative officer Exam administrator. Planning of exams in Economics. Rules and regulations regarding exams. +45 353-23541 E-mail
Andersen, Charlotte Bøgh Finance officer Financial management and budgeting +45 353-24218 E-mail
Andersen, Susanne Secretariat staff Registration of holidays and absence. Records and archives. Purchasing. +45 353-20545 E-mail
Attauabi, Sanae Student Student Information Desk +45 353-34214 E-mail
Bahner, Line Louise Academic Officer Impact and events +45 353-36089 E-mail
Braad, Dorte Fredskilde Senior adviser Impact and fundraising +45 353-24120 E-mail
Bro, Trine Klitgaard Training director Head of education +45 353-31425 E-mail
Brændstrup, May-Britt Senior Executive Consultant Hearings. Rules and regulations regarding curricula. Complaints. Disciplinary cases. +45 353-23569 E-mail
Eriksson, Karin Lund Finance officer Electronic invoices, International invoices and the "Rejs Ud" system +45 353-23011 E-mail
Fensholm, Andreas Senior adviser Implementation of new initiatives and processes. Sudy statistics and key figures. Curriculas +45 353-23046 E-mail
Franck, Tina Faculty Director The Faculty Director, the Dean and the Associate Deans are the Faculty's management. The Faculty Director is also head of the Faculty Secretariat. The Faculty Director acts as liaison between the Faculty Secretariat and the departments' administrative management. +45 353-23530 E-mail
Grave, Natascha Mandana Student The Teaching and Learning Unit of Social Sciences   E-mail
Hald, Peter Rovsing Head of Dean's Office. Follow-up on Faculty policies and performance contracts. Academic Secretary for the Dean +45 353-23552 E-mail
Hansen, Anne Birgitte Secretary PA to the dean. Calendar coordination and secretarial support - also to the other members of the management +45 353-34124 E-mail
Harboe, Thomas Head of centre Teaching pedagogy, supervision pedagogy, study technique, the writing process, project- and process supervision, writing groups, infor. and communication technologies in class. Takes part in different cross-faculty ad hoc projects. Chair of DUN (the Danish Uni. pedagogy Netvork) Member of the Acadde +45 353-23587 E-mail
Henrichsen, Ulla Boss Academic Officer Financial management of research grants, coordination and guidance +45 353-24778 E-mail
Hinnerup, Maria Fjallstein Senior adviser Various hearings. Secretary for the Faculty Council and other committees. GDPR +45 353-23539 E-mail
Holm, Max Academic Officer Management of EU-projects and external activities +45 353-33573 E-mail
Jensen, Christina Juul Educational adviser Education, teaching, study tecchnique, writing technique +45 353-24538 E-mail
Jensen, Maibritt Academic administrative officer Coordinator of career activities and contact with companies. Project Knowledge in Progress, student/company project collaboration, SAMF-job and project bank, career counseling to students +45 353-34479 E-mail
Jespersen, Barbara Financial officer Electronic invoices, International invoices and the "Rejs Ud" system +45 353-23355 E-mail
Kaalhauge, Julie Administrative staff Student Information Desk. Guidance and service. Study and examination administration regarding economics. +45 353-23689 E-mail
Kargo, Anna Student Student assistant in the Dean's Office +45 353-31195 E-mail
Kozuch, Tom Financial coordinator Bookkeeping. Electronic payment. Support and education regarding financial systems at UCPH +45 353-23668 E-mail
Kristensen, Marianne Development and planning of study administration. Manager for the Study and Examinations Office. Interdisciplinary coordination +45 353-23527 E-mail
Kvist, Lea Rosa Academic Officer Management services +45 353-25203 E-mail
Larsen, Maria Charlotte Bjaaland Financial manager Director of finance for the Faculty of Social Sciences. Budgeting, financial controlling and statistics. Member of various committees +45 353-26325 E-mail
Lauge-Simonsen, Jeanne Annet Finance officer Electronic invoices, International invoices and the "Rejs Ud" system +45 353-34810 E-mail
Li, Man Yu Finance officer Financial management and budgeting +45 353-22877 E-mail
Madelung, Jannie June International coordinator International affairs administration, translation and language revision, web-editor, MSc admissions +45 353-23537 E-mail
Madsen, Daniel Bue Senior adviser Various financial tasks +45 353-23829 E-mail
Malthesen, Tea Senior adviser Project management, quality assurance, secretary to the Heads of Studies Forum, Student Dialogue Forum, and coordinator of the group responsible for the planning of teaching +45 353-23468 E-mail
Nielsen, Laila Holmen Administrative staff Administration regarding studies and examination affairs +45 353-23688 E-mail
Olsen, Charlene Koustrup Clerical officer Procurement. Administration. Archives. Workzone super user +45 353-32572 E-mail
Pedersen, Fie Flint Student Career Advisory Service - events and company contact +45 353-24817 E-mail
Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby Dean Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences +45 353-32022 E-mail
Roed, Majken Lindgren Administrative staff Student Information Desk. Student service and enrolment of full-time students +45 353-23310 E-mail
Rosenmejer, Hanne Kristensen Webmaster Webmaster. Design and templates. Info screens at campus. It procurement and authorisations +45 353-23536 E-mail
Secilmis, Gülcan Celik Administrative staff Diplomas and diploma supplement. Various registrations. +45 353-23545 E-mail
Stenbæk, Lise Senior advisor Teaches online and blended learning. +45 353-31406 E-mail
Sørensen, Morten Moesgaard Academic administrative officer Internal communications. Newsletter. Secretary to the management. +45 353-32657 E-mail
Sørensen, Søren Hedegaard Study and career councellor Special Pedagogical Support (SPS), counselling strategy, student information about supervision and enrolment +45 353-24313 E-mail
Thomsen, Linda Holmen Archives staff Mail registration and archives. Office purchase.   E-mail
Vestergaard, Martin Bukh Senior adviser Impact and fundraising +45 353-30886 E-mail
Wamberg, Mahalakshmi Liv Student Various tasks for the Project and Career Advisory Service +45 353-32408 E-mail
Washington, Astrid Helene Senior adviser Continuing and professional education +45 353-33811 E-mail
Wick, Peter Josef Educational adviser Didactic implementation of pedagogical initiatives. The project innovation & entrepreneurship and teaching portfolio. Supervises and teaches students academic study technique and the process of academic writing, either individually or in groups. +45 353-31800 E-mail
Worbech, Annemette Have Academic Officer International affairs administration. Msc admissions. Development and approval of curriculums +45 353-35049 E-mail
de Neergaard, Andreas Associate Dean Associate dean for education +45 353-33499 E-mail
von Müllen, Rikke Lyngby Educational adviser Education, teaching, study technique, writing technique. +45 353-24534 E-mail