UCPH Alumni

UCPH Alumni is a network for all students and graduates from the University of Copenhagen. Both Danish and international students are welcome to join. We bring former and present students together and help alumni to stay in touch - with each other and with the University.

As a member of UCPH Alumni you are able to create social and professional networks with other alumni, participate in career activities or events. Our activities aim to enhance the student experience and to bridge the gap between life as a student and life as a professional. For graduates, membership of UCPH Alumni is a way to reconnect with your old University through newsletters, events etc.

Currently, UCPH Alumni has more than 35,000 members and the number is constantly growing. Membership of UCPH Alumni is free.

Here you can see the alumni networks at The Faculty of Social Sciences


Global Development Alumni is for you who has graduated from the University of Copenhagen as Master of Science (MSc) in Global Development.

Read more about the network here.



If you have a degree from the Department of Political Science, you can join the Political Science Alumni Network. By doing so, you can maintain contact with the department and the University, get invitations for academic events and enjoy the network’s special offers for alumni.

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The Social Data Science Alumni Association is an association for candidates and graduates of the MSc in Social Data Science at the University of Copenhagen.

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After graduation

Your relationship with the University of Copenhagen does not have to end when you graduate. Through UCPH Alumni you are able to meet other students and graduates from the University and to stay in touch with the friends that you have made. Or stay updated through our newsletter and members-only activities.

Member Services

As a member of UCPH Alumni you can:

  • Stay in touch with and meet other alumni
  • Create or participate in professional and social networks on our members-only website
  • Participate in career activities
  • Apply for your own personal mentor from a major Danish or international company/institution
  • Attend two large career fairs each year
  • Attend events and debates with prominent Danish and international figures
  • Update your professional knowledge and qualifications;
  • Be introduced to the "local" alumni associations at the University on our website;
  • Receive our newsletter 4-8 times a year with relevant stories and input from the University.