Facts and figures

The Faculty has approximately 630 staff members (FTE), 180 PhD students and 6,600 students enrolled in one of the Faculty's 7 BSc study programmes or 10 MSc study programmes in Danish or English. The Faculty offers 6 English-taught MSc study programmes.

The Faculty has five departments.

In 2022, the Faculty had a total revenue of approximately DKK 514 million, of which approximately DKK 180 million was external funding.

See further statistics of the Faculty in the table below (2022 numbers).

Staff (full-time equivalents)
Academic staff 374
Part-time teaching staff 55
Administrative staff 150
Student assistants 40
PhD Students
Number of PhD degress awarded 35
Total number of PhD students enrolled  178
New BSc students enrolled 1127
Number of MSc degress awarded 1068
Total students population 6629