27 March 2020

New faculty emergency grants for research on how the Corona Crisis affects specific societal groups


Do civil society initiatives match the needs of their target groups? How are atypical workers’ job security affected by government aid packages? And how are international students responding to being trapped in Denmark? That is what three research teams are now set to find out.

Helping elderly people. Photo: PexelsThe second and final round of emergency grants for research on societal aspects of COVID-19 have now been awarded by the Faculty of Social Sciences at UCPH.

In this round, the Dean and the scientific committee have decided to award funding to projects with a specific focus on the effects of the Corona Crisis on particular groups in society: vulnerable groups targeted by civil society initiatives, atypical workers, and international students.

- This crisis affects us all, but some more than others. Fortunately, our researchers are paying attention to this in their research. The supported projects look at different sections of the population, including our own international students. Combined with the projects that received support last week, they provide us with a multi-faceted image of the scope and consequences of the crisis for different parts of the population. In my perspective, this is interesting and essential research of high societal relevance, says Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

- As in the first round, we have seen great interest in the emergency grants, and I am sincerely impressed with the high quality and diversity of the many applications received, especially when considering the short deadline, he says.

The three projects to receive funds are:

Atypical workers in atypical times

In the light of government aid packages and existing rules and schemes, the project analyses job market security for five groups of atypical workers (part time work below 15 hours per week, fixed-term employees, freelancers, temporary and platform economy workers).

Participating researchers

Grant: DKK 75,000,-

3S International - Social situation survey of international students at UCPH during the Coronavirus 2020

The project will study how international students at UCPH experience and handle the emotional, social and practical implications of the Corona Crisis lockdown, and how it affects their relationship with UCPH and future academic goals.

Participating researchers

  • Heiko Henkel, Associate Professor and Head of Studies, Department of Anthropology, UCPH
  • Charlotte Baarts, Associate Professor and Head of Studies, Department of Sociology, UCPH
  • Brian Noel McGahey, PhD Student, Department of Anthropology, UCPH

Grant: DKK 17,500,-

Solidarity and Volunteering in the Corona Crisis

The project will study how NGOs and social networks respond and mobilise in relation to the challenge that the COVID-epidemic pose to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and socially deprived. The project will take place in partnership with the Danish Institute for Voluntary Effort (CFSA).

Participating researchers

Grant: DKK 80,000,-

First results ready from first round of grants

In the first round of emergy grants offered at the Faculty, four projects were awarded emergency grants, and some of them are already producing results, while others are busy gathering data.

Follow ’What do the Danes think, know and mean about the Corona Epidemic?’ (in Danish), where results are uploaded on the go. Some of the first results indicate that 40 percent of Danes see the Corona Epidemic as the greatest threat for Denmark in our lifetime.

Do you want to contribute to COVID-19 research of societal relevance?

Participate in the project COVID-19 Snapshot MOnitoring in Denmark (COSMO Denmark)

About the Faculty Emergency Grants

The Corona Crisis affects all parts of society and puts societal relations under pressure. Relations that researchers at the Faculty of Social Sciences can study and help citizens and authorities understand. This is why the Faculty decided to allocate emergency funds for researchers interested in conducting quick, relevant and valid research that can be conveyed to the public within the coming weeks.

The Dean and a Scientific Committee consisting of Faculty members from the Public Policy working group (one from each of the Faculty’s five departments) have assessed the incoming applications.
The first round of emergency grants were awarded in week 12 and the second and final round of grants have been awarded this week (week 13).