If you regret applying or wish to decline offer of admission – University of Copenhagen

If you regret applying or wish to decline admission/terminate enrolment

If you regret applying

If you regret having submitted an application for admission, you can annul your application in the online application portal until the time that you receive a decision from the admission board. You can always apply again again at a later date.

Once you have received a decision from the admission board, you can no longer annul your application.

If you want to annul admission/terminate enrolment

If you have been admitted to an MSc degree programme and want to annul your admission, you must send an e-mail to admissions@samf.ku.dk, which contains your full name and information about the MSc degree programme for which you wish to annul your admission. This must be done no later than:

  • 31 August for the Fall semester intake
  • 31 January for the Spring semester intake

If after above deadlines, you decide that you wish to discontinue your studies, you must instead apply for termination of enrolment. For further information, please contact the Student Information Desk.

Does the fact that I annul my application/admission or terminate my enrolment affect later chances of being admitted

The fact that you choose to annul your application/admission or terminate your enrolment in one of the Faculty's MSc degree programmes have no influence on any application that you may submit in the course of future application periods.