Alumni e-mail account

When you begin your studies you will receive a personal university e-mail account. It is called Alumni-mail and supports a wide range of facilities, including setting up meetings and an integrated calendar. Furthermore, it supports mobile units. You gain access to your e-mail account with at wide range of possibilities through the intranet KUnet.

Forward Alumni-mail to external mail programs

You can choose between using KUnet or use your private e-mail program to download your emails from your Alumni-mailbox. Be aware that when KUnet requires that you change your password every 6 month, you must likewise update this password in your external e-mail program.

It is not possible to automatically forward e-mails directly from the Alumni-mailbox. This is a precautionary measure, as the University cannot guarantee that a forwarded e-mail is delivered correctly at another email provider. However, in most cases, it is possible to set up an external e-mail program to download e-mails from your Alumni-mailbox. However, please note that most e-mail providers does not support IMAP - including Hotmail and Gmail.

You can also access your Alumni-mailbox without logging onto KUnet. This can be done via the Internet, mobile phone or similar.

See guidelines on how to set up your e-mail