Diploma and transcript of records

Provisional transcript of record

You can print your provisional transcript via the student self-service system at KUnet. If you wish to have an edited and/or certified copy of your transcript, please contact Student Services.


International exchange and guest students

When your exam results have been registered by the departments at the University of Copenhagen, the International Office will send 3 hard copies of your transcript directly to the International Office at your home university. It may take as much as 8 weeks from your enrolment ends to your home university receives your transcript. It is your home university’s responsibility to forward 1-2 hard copies directly to you. Additional informations about transcripts can be found at the UCPH studies portal studies.ku.dk.

Full-degree students

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, bachelor diplomas are issued automatically upon completion of the bachelor degree programme. However, master's diplomas are only issued automatically if you complete the master's degree programme by handing in your thesis. If you complete the master's degree programme by sitting other exams, then you must contact Student Services once the final grade is shown on KUnet and inform the Faculty that you have completed your master's degree programme and require a diploma. Furthermore, you must also contact Student Services yourself to have your diploma issued in case you need a diploma listing individual courses that you have studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

In accordance with the Danish examination order, your diploma must be issued no later than two months after you have finished your programme. The month of July is not included when calculating the two-month deadline.

If you lose or misplace your diploma

You solely receive one original diploma as documentary proof of you having completed your degree programme. If you lose or mislay your diploma, a second one will not be issued. Instead, you can ask to have certified transcripts of records in Danish and English issued (max. 5 copies).

However, if the Faculty of Social Sciences has an electronic copy of your diploma at Its disposal, you may obtain an certified copy of your diploma.

To order an certified copy of your transcript of records/diploma, you must sign and submit a request to have it issued to the Student Service Desk You can submit your request by regular mail or by e-mail (scanned). The request must include the recipient’s address. The copy of your transcript of records/diploma can solely be sent to your own address or e-mail account, unless you can provide documentary proof that it is a requirement that the copy is sent to a different address.

If you have not received your diploma

If you have completed your degree programme prior to January 2011, you can solely receive an certified transcript of records in replacement of your diploma. If you have completed your degree programme after January 2011, the Faculty is able to issue an actual diploma to you.

If you have completed your degree programme after January 2011, you must declare solemnly that you have never received your diploma to have another issued in its place. Please contact the Student Information Desk to obtain a solemn declaration.
Authentication of copies of your diploma.

Copying service and certified copies

If you contact Student Services in person in order to have copies of a diploma issued by the Faculty of Social Sciences certified, please remember to bring the original diploma and the number of copies (max. 5) of the diploma that you would like us to authenticate. Student Services can also provide you with "sealed copies" for application purposes.