If you need to postpone your studies – University of Copenhagen

If you need to postpone your studies

If for other reasons than mitigating and other exceptional circumstances (see below), you need to delay entry to a degree programme to which you have been admitted, you are not able to postpone your enrolment. Instead you must annul your application or reject your offer of admission/terminate your enrolment. For information on how to annul your admisssion/terminate your enrolment, go to 'If you regret applying or wish to decline offer of admission/terminate enrolment'.

The fact that you choose to annul your application/admission or terminate your enrolment in one of the Faculty's MSc degree programmes have no influence on any application that you may submit in the course of future application periods.

Mitigating and other exceptional circumstances

The Faculty recognises that students may suffer from a sudden illness or other serious and unforeseen event or set of circumstances which adversely affects their ability to study.

In general, recognised mitigating and other exceptional circumstances are:

  • Parental leave/adoption
  • Military service
  • Sudden serious illness
  • Sudden serious illness or death of a member of your immediate family

If you need to postpone your entry to the degree programme due to mitigating or other exceptional circumstances, you are advised to contact your department's student advisory service and/or the Student Information Desk at the Faculty of Social Sciences without delay to learn about your options.