Quality assurance of lecturers’ competences

The teaching provided by the Faculty of Social Sciences is of high quality, research-based, and organised and provided according to good educational theory and practice.

The Faculty of Social Sciences procedures are in line with UCPH's pedagogic basis and guidelines. These guidelines can be read here.

Research-based teaching

The faculty is home to several strong research environments that underpin the teaching. The lecturers spend much of their time on research.

The faculty policy for developing the skills of full- and part-time academic staff supports the resarch-based teaching. Read the policy here.

Educational theory in practice

The faculty’s teaching is based on high-quality educational theory and practice, and is provided by lecturers with the highest qualifications.

To assure the quality of teaching, particular attention is paid to educational competences during recruitment. Read more about this at:

The individual programmes also run development projects to improve the quality of the teaching, often with the support of the educational advisors. The projects include, for example, the use of IT in education and the introduction of new forms of teaching.


The dean is responsible for ensuring that academic employees have the right competences and experience in research and teaching.

The head of department is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the lecturers’ competences.The head of department is responsible for ensuring that lecturers conduct research relevant to their teaching.

The heads of studies are responsible for ensuring that the planned teaching activities bring the students into contact with relevant research.