Evaluation of study programmes – approval, monitoring and periodic review of programmes and awards

The faculty conducts systematic evaluations of study programmes and teaching.

Monitoring and evaluation of whole study programmes

Both the annual programme report and the programme evaluation systematically collate all of the most important results that may have emerged from the various initiatives throughout the year.

Monitoring and evaluation of the study programmes’ sub-elements

In addition to the evaluation of whole study programmes, sub-elements are evaluated or monitored according to the following procedures:

Dialogue with external parties about the study programmes

Dialogue with external parties is highly important to our ability to enhance programmes, and so a procedure has been devised for the three key external parties.

Management of the faculty’s programme portfolio

The faculty has a duty to ensure that social science graduates acquire competences that meet society’s needs. The systematic programme evaluations and reports provide management with the information necessary to manage the programme portfolio and make decisions about the potential closure of study programmes or setting up of new ones. The procedures for setting up study programmes and for closing existing ones are as follows: