Summer schools

Do you feel like spending your summer on academic immersion and earn ECTS credit points?

Each year, the Faculty of Social Sciences offers a number of summer schools, i.e. short-term intensive courses. Many of the courses are conducted in English.

Summer schools offered by the departments of Economics and Political Science are generally open to all types of students; i.e. both Open University students (paid part time education) as well as the departments in-house and credit students. Summer schools offered by the departments of Anthropology and Sociology are solely open to in-house students and credit students. The Department of Psychology does not offer any summer schools at this time.

Tuition fee

In conformity with EU regulation, EU citizens are entitled to study at university in any EU country under the same conditions as nationals. According to Danish law, the price of summer schools depends on whether you are enrolled at a Danish university or a university abroad.

  • Full-time students from EU or EEA countries who are enrolled at Danish universities
    If an EU/EEA student is enrolled full-time at a Danish university, the student will not have to pay tuition fee when enrolling in Summer schools. Admission free of charges presupposes documentary proof of prior approval from the student's educational institution.

  • EU or EEA citizens who are not enrolled as full-time students at a Danish university
    EU/EEA citizens who are not enrolled as full-time students at a Danish university must pay tuition fee. The price of courses offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences is DKK 800 per ECTS point.

  • Citizens from non-EU or non-EEA countries
    Citizens from non-EU and non-EEA countries are required to pay tuition fee for short-term, non-degree studies at the University of Copenhagen (see a list of EU/EEA countries to the right).
    The fee is calculated on the basis of the Faculty's tuition fee for one academic year, which is EUR 10,000 for 60 ECTS. This equals a price of app. EUR 170 per ECTS.

    - Course worth 5 ECTS: 5 X 170 = EUR 850

NOTE: You may be allowed to pay the fee of EU/EEA citizens, if you have one of the following two residence permits in Denmark:

- Permanent residence permit
- Temporary residence permit with the possibility of achieving a permanent residence permit


You can apply for our summer schools in 2 different ways depending on whether or not you are required to pay tuition fee. Please choose the relevant link and follow the application procedure described on the website: