Administrators’ Forum

The Administrator’s Forum at social sciences consists of the faculty director, department administrators, heads of divisions in the faculty secretariat and the IT manager. The forum makes decisions on administrative issues, in close collaboration with the heads of department and heads of studies, facilitates exchanges of best practice between the departments, and is responsible for the development of staff and managers in the administrative area.

The Administrator’s Forum at social sciences generally meets on the first Friday of the month.


  • Faculty Director Ditte Bergholdt Asmussen
  • Department Administrator Peter Flindt (Economics)
  • Department Administrator Bitten Dalsgaard (Political Science)
  • Department Administrator Fie Birkebæk (Psychology)
  • Director of Studies Trine Klitgaard Bro (Faculty Secretariat)
  • Financial Director Maria Bjaaland Larsen (Faculty Secretariat)
  • Head of Research, Development and Communication Rune Heiberg Hansen (Faculty Secretariat)
  • Head of HR Gitte Korsgaard (HR South and City Campuses)


Lea Rosa Kvist - - phone: +45 35 32 52 03.