The Faculty Administration

The Faculty Administration (Faculty Secretariat) is managed by the Dean, the Vice Dean and the Faculty Director.

The main duty and responsibility of the Faculty Administration is to assist the Dean in the day-to-day running of the Faculty, which, among other things, includes the following:

  • Conducting financial control of the Faculty
  • Administration of the strategy and development plans of the Faculty
  • Human resources and staff matters
  • Research training and the awarding of academic degrees
  • Planning, implementing and registrating examinations of more than 6,700 students
  • Counselling students with regard to writing assignments and theses, and training lecturers in new and improved teaching skills
  • Communication to staff, students and the surrounding world.

Furthermore, the Faculty Administration acts as coordinating unit in connection with amendments to Danish law within the field of education, development of new it-solutions and decentralisation of the responsibilites of the central administration to other units of the organisation.

Faculty Administration