Closing programmes – University of Copenhagen

Closing programmes

Purpose of the procedure

This procedure describes the decision-making process for the closure of a study programme in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The procedure applies to all types of study programmes in the faculty. Programme evaluations and the annual programme reports ensure that decisions are taken on an informed basis, and that programmes are revised and improved as required.

Basis for the procedure

This procedure must be understood in the context of the following:

The procedure below describes the part of the process that takes place in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Who is responsible

The Dean is responsible for ensuring that all of the faculty’s programmes are of a high quality and sufficiently relevant for graduates to find appropriate jobs. The dean’s office also ensures that the University of Copenhagen’s social sciences programme portfolio reflects society’s need for graduates of the highest calibre.

Preliminary work

The discussions about the closure of a study programme are usually preceded by a prolonged period of initiatives and adjustments aimed at rectifying problems or changing the competence profile to better meet society’s needs. Any deliberations concerning the closure of a study programme are included in the departments’ annual programme reports.

Any serious problems with the programme will have been previously addressed in the programme evaluations and programme reports. If it has not been possible to solve the problems at departmental level, the matter will have been referred to senior management (the dean’s office).

The study board, the head of studies, the head of department, the employer panel, the strategic advisory panel or the dean’s office can propose the closure of a study programme. The proposal is based on ongoing systematic quality-assurance work.

The Dean is responsible for ensuring that the faculty management team discusses the proposal to close a programme. The head of studies, study boards and the Strategic Advisory Panel are informed in advance that proposed closure will be discussed by the faculty management team, and are given the opportunity to submit comments before the discussion.

The heads of studies forum also has the opportunity to comment prior to the faculty management team discussing the topic. The associate dean for education relays any comments from the heads of studies forum to the faculty management team.

The dean’s office and the faculty management team may request more written material.

The faculty management team’s decision

On the basis of programme reports, programme evaluations and, where applicable, additional written material and dialogue, the faculty management team decides whether to submit the proposed closure to University Education Services in the central administration for eventual consideration and approval by the University board.

The following factors are heavily weighted in the faculty management team’s decision:

  • Are there relevant employers for the graduates?
  • Is there an academic environment that can provide research-based teaching?
  • Are there applicants to the programme? And are there international applicants      for the programme?
  • Is it financially feasible to run the programme?
  • Are the necessary resources available for the programme, e.g. classrooms and      administrative staff?

If the decision is taken to close a study programme

If the decision is taken to propose closure of a study programme, the dean’s office requests that the head of studies draws up a plan for the closure. The dean’s office forwards the proposal for closure and the discontinuation plan to University Education Services.

The department is responsible for informing students and academic staff of the decision to close the programme. The department informs students of the deadline for completion of their programme.

Who is responsible

The dean’s office is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is complied with, and revised if necessary.