Procedure for programme reports

The faculty has in place a number of procedures designed to ensure that all of its study programmes are evaluated systematically and in their entirety.


The purpose of the programme reports is to ensure continuous and systematic assurance of the quality of the study programmes. The annual programme reports provide insight into the current status of programmes, and help the management adapt the programmes to address any challenges that arise.

The programme reports evaluate the overall work done in the past year on the quality assurance of the study programmes.

This procedure applies to all study programmes in the faculty.

Basis for the procedure

Guidelines for annual programme reports at the University of Copenhagen.

Programme reports

The Faculty of Social Sciences follows the University of Copenhagen procedure. This means that all heads of studies draw up an annual programme report, except for study programmes that are drawing up programme evaluations in the year concerned.

The programme reports bring together the different evaluations, dialogues and initiatives from the previous year, and prioritise initiatives for the subsequent year.

The study board is included in the head of studies’ work on the programme report.

The programme reports are drawn up according to the template for programme reports contained in Guidelines for programme reports at the University of Copenhagen.

The head of studies is responsible for making the final programme reports available to:

  • the employer panel
  • the department administrator
  • all lecturers



The head of studies is responsible for drawing up programme reports, with assistance from The section Strategy, Analysis & Projects.

The dean’s office is responsible for the procedure concerning programme reports and for managing the process. The section Strategy, Analysis & Projects assists in this work.