Academic Council

(Updated 1 September 2023)

Each faculty at the University of Copenhagen has its own academic council.
The Academic Council advises the dean on the internal distribution of grants and on research, education and plans for knowledge exchange. It also makes recommendations to assessment committees and confers PhDs, doctorates and prizes.

The dean chairs the Academic Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences. In addition to the dean, the Council has five members drawn from academic staff – representing the faculty’s academic sub-division into five departments – and three students. Three members of the technical and administrative staff attend as observers.

Members of the council

Dean Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen (chairman)

Associate dean Sara Hagemann

Academic staff members

Associate professor Cecilie Rubow
Department of Anthropology

Professor Martin Marcussen
Department of Political Science

Professor Christian Borch
Department of Sociology

Professor Claus Thustrup Kreiner 
Department of Economics

Professor Randi Starrfelt
Department of Psychology

Student members

Student members also have a chair in the student dialogue forum

List S – 'SAMF-Rådet'

Peter Witfelt Larsen

Sofie Kay Hulgaard

List A – 'Frit forum'

Asta Mathilde Mølstrøm

Representative for PhD scholars, scientific assistants and postdocs.

Marilena Hohmann  

Observers (administrative staff)

Torsten Andreasen 
Pre-award, Department of Polical Science
Phone: 35 32 51 47

Pernille Bang
Department of Economics
Phone: 35 32 30 10

Andreas Egelund Christensen
Department of Anthropology 
Phone: 35 32 25 17

Alternates for academic staff members

Department of Anthropology: None
Department of Political Science: Henrik Larsen
Department of Sociology: Mathias Wullum Nielsen
Department of Economics: Hans Jørgen Whitta-Jacobsen
Department of Psychology: Anders Petersen

Alternates for student members

Alternates list S - 'SAMF-rådet'

1. Emma Ramgil Christensen
2. Sørine Meusling Gadegaard
3. Natasja Liv Peterson Porst

Alternates list A – 'Frit forum'

  1. Laura Shkoza
  2. Kasper Dlugatch Stisen
  3. Solveig Katarina Røndal-Liniger
  4. Thomas Holst Padkjær

Alternates for Observers (administrative staff)



Signe Bjerre Nørskov
Faculty Administration