Student Dialogue Forum

The purpose of the forum is to generate dialogue between the Deanery and the students at the Faculty of Social Sciences on issues related to educational policy and the study environment.

The Students Dialogue Forum is made up by:

  • the Dean and the Associate Dean for Education
  • the three Academic Council student representatives
  • one student from those of the Faculty's academic disciplines that do not have Academic Council representatives 
  • one student from the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
  • the Chair of the Faculty Council

The meetings are open to all students and all student members of the Faculty's boards of studies and department councils receive an invitation. The meeting material can be obtained by contacting the secretary at

Annually, four meetings are conducted with students under the auspices of the Student Dialogue Forum (two meetings each semester).

Further information

Please contact the secretary at, if you wish to participate in extra ordinary online meetings.