Faculty Management Team

The Faculty Management Team consists of the Dean, the Associate Dean and the Faculty Director, as well as the Heads of Departments from the Faculty’s five departments.


  • Dean Vibeke Koushede
  • Associate Dean Sara Hagemann
  • Acting Faculty Director Rune Heiberg Hansen
  • Head of Department Ayo Wahlberg (Anthropology)
  • Acting Head of Department Thomas Morton (Psychology)
  • Head of Department Nina Græger (Political Science)
  • Head of Department Benedikte Brincker (Sociology)
  • Head of Department Henrik Hansen (Economics)


The Faculty Management Team (FLT in Danish) is the Faculty’s joint management which discusses and decides on matters relating to the financial and strategic framework of the Faculty. The role of FLT is to maintain the connection and coordination across the Faculty, and as a management to further the development of the Faculty’s collective research, education, financing and external relations. FLT acts as a joint faculty management and not as a council.

All units of the Faculty are obliged to adhere to, and implement the decisions made by FLT.

The University of Copenhagen has a hierarchical management structure in which the Rector reports to the Board of the University, the Deans report to the Rector whilst the Heads of Departments, Associate Dean and Faculty Director report to the Dean. Thus, within the Faculty Management Team, the Dean has the final say. Decisions made in the meetings are not put to the vote but the vast majority of decisions however are discussed and decided upon in agreement within the Faculty Management Team.

The tasks of FLT consists of decisions, approvals, strategic deliberations as well as mutual exchange of information, updates and coordination.

There exists a joint responsibility within the Faculty Management Team to uphold and implement the strategies and action plans of the faculty. The FLT discusses and decides on the overall administrative framework of the Faculty as well as the distribution of administrative tasks between the Departments and the Faculty administration. Examples of topics discussed by FLT are: The distribution of the overall budget of the Faculty, organisation of IT, libraries, administrative services as well as allocation of rooms and premises.

Eventuelt nye uddannelsesinitiativer samt overordnet struktur og rammer godkendes af FLT inden indstilling til Rektor.

New degree programmes as well as the overall structure of the degrees are approved by the Faculty Management Team before recommended to Rector.

The FLT discusses the quality and the extent of the Faculty’s research and prompts the process of an external evaluation of this research.

The running of the Faculty requires a wide range of deliberations as a response to decisions made within the University Management Team, through changing financial circumstances, new ideas and contributions from the Departments and members of staff, as well as from external environments. The Faculty Management Team discusses and decides on all these matters.

Meetings and Communication

The Faculty Management Team meets app. every three weeks and the meetings typically last three hours. The FLT furthermore participates in various UCPH management activities and organise thematic FLT-seminars 1-2 times a year.

A large number of the cases and themes are prepared, and go through a preliminary process within the faculty management (Dean, Associate Dean, and Faculty Director) as well as in the Faculty Management Secretariat which functions as Secretariat for FLT.

The Heads of Departments and their department management teams hold a central role in communicating input from the Departments and their respective members of staff to FLT and to communicate decisions made within FLT back to members of staff and to the relevant units of the Departments.

Decisions by FLT of a larger or more general nature will also be communicated through the fortnightly Faculty newsletter ’SAMF-nyt’, and it is expected of all members of staff to take notice of decisions and information announced by the Faculty Management Team via the newsletter.


  • Faculty Management Team (FLT): the Dean, the Associate Dean, the Faculty Director and 5 Heads of Departments.
  • Faculty Management: The Dean, the Associate Dean and the Faculty Director.
  • Deanery: The Dean and the Associate Dean.